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Our Pricing Plan

Monthly costs are based on 4 weeks in a month; some classes will take place 5 weeks in any given month and will be charged accordingly. These costs DO NOT include extra lessons such as: private lessons, birthday parties, master classes, duo/trio, small group lessons, etc.


Families having 2 or more children enrolled will be charged based on the TOTAL number of classes each individual dancer is taking. Discounts do not apply to UNLIMITED classes of 7 or more. 


"NO-SHOWS" will still be charged and tuition expected to be paid for missed time unless prior notice is submitted and approved by Director, or a Doctor's note is submitted following any absentee from class. 


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Classes for each month will be billed 2 weeks prior to the 1st of each month and are to be paid by the 10th of each month. A late charge of $15 will be added to balances not paid by the 2nd week of that following month, and no student will be allowed back in class (but still be expected to pay) if tuition for that month is not paid by the 30th. A $30.00 fee will be charged for any RETURNED check. 

Our 2023-2024 Season begins August 14, 2023 and goes until June 1, 2024. Our 12th Annual Showcase will be on Saturday, June 1st showcasing all our talented dancers at MDC! 

ONE class a week

- $18 a week 

- 1 hour class a week 

- Discounts apply when you take more than 1 class a week

THREE classes a week

- $45 a week

- 3 classes a week (1 hour each) 

- Discount: $9/week 

FIVE classes a week

- $65 a week 

- 5 classes a week (1 hour each)

- Discount: $25/week 

TWO classes a week

- $35 a week

- 2 classes a week (1 hour each) 

- Discount: $1/week 

FOUR classes a week

- $55 a week 

- 4 classes a week (1 hour each) 

- Discount: $17/week 

6 or more classes 

- $75 a week

- 6 classes a week (1 hour) 

- Discount $33/week 

7+ more classes - UNLIMITED - $310/mo. 

At Mystical's Dance Company, we want our dancers to be well diverse in all styles of dance. Our Director has come up with a program to allow dancers to do so, while also making it as affordable as possible. We offer our unlimited program to all our dancers, Kids & Teens, who want to take as many classes a week as they can, at only $310 a month. All dancers on our UNLIMITED program will be charged monthly, not weekly. We pro-rate months with less than 3 weeks of dance. Those taking up to 10+ classes a week, save more and are able to learn and take all styles that we offer at MDC! (Price includes Recreational & Competitive Team class!) Not included: private lessons, costume fees, & competition fees)

All our dancers on our 2023-2024 Competitive Team, will b
e charged an additional $20 a month. This covers costs of any and all props,, parties, gifts, and any extra expenses that accumulate throughout the year. Please keep in mind, at Mystical's Dance Company, your dancer's competition classes are NOT extra! Any class taken throughout the week (recreational and/or competition) are based on how many classes your dancer has decided to take a week. 

Karen Schroll

If you're looking for a dance studio in Sarasota area, GO CHECK OUT MDC!

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