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2023-2024 Policies


You may mail in a payment at 4289 Clark Road Sarasota, FL 34233 made out to Mystical's Dance Company, drop it off at our office or locked box in the front. Once we receive your payment, you will receive an e-mail with confirmation. Registration is NON-REFUNDABLE. 

Returned Checks: 

A $30 fee will be charged on your account, and the remainder balance of your tuition owed. Any balance not paid will result in your dancer not be able to continue with dance until funds are made in full. 

Withdraw from class:

We hate to see your dancer withdraw from class, but we understand things happen. We ask that you give us at least a month notice. Any tuition paid for prior will not be refunded. Tuition will stop once we are notified. We ask that you email Nicole @


All costume fees are NON-REFUNDABLE. Once your dancer's costume has been measured, paid for, we are not able to refund your account. Once your dancer's costume does arrive, you can pick you your dancer's costume. Please note: No costume will be delivered to your dancer until payment has been made in full. Parents are responsible for all alterations of their child's costume. Any extra costume that needs to be ordered due to sizing, that child's family is responsible to pay. 

Lost & Found :

All items will be kept our studio for 2 weeks in our homework room. All items are kept in our benches. Please make sure your dancer labels his/her belongings. Once our items in lost & found have not been spoken for, our Director and Office Staff ladies bring our items to Goodwill. 


We understand our dancer's have other activities they do, as well as school functions and illnesses that arise. At MDC, your dancer is able to make-up his/her class during the duration of our Season. Any missed class will be charged, and asked to be paid for. Your dancer has the opportunity to make up another class throughout the week at any style (but at his/her level). 



We understand that weather can't be predicted. If in the case we do have to cancel classes, an email will be sent out regarding the cancelation of class from our office. We do not issue any refunds, but your dancer however will have the opportunity to make up his/.her class(es) until the end of that Season. 

Can parents watch?

Yes! We encourage all our families to stay and watch their dancer. At MDC, we not only have peek windows in all our studio rooms but a camera in each room that is displayed on our TV in our lobby. 

What is your ratio of children to Instructor?

We believe in SMALLER classes at MDC. BIGGER IS NOT ALWAYS BETTER! We believe that a class size matters. We don't want your dancer to be pushed in the back, not seen and not learn. All our children's classes are no more than 10-12 kids in a room (based on the room they are dancing in), and kids/teens classes are no more than 15 in a class. Our production class is the only class throughout the week that will exceed the number of 15 students in a class. Every children's & kids class will have 1 Instructor and 1 volunteered Assistant trained Instructor. 



Sunday, August 6th- Free Open House Event! (12-4pm) 

Monday, August 14th - Our 12th Season of dance begins! 

Monday, September 4thLabor Day- Our studio is CLOSED 

November 20-24th- Thanksgiving Break- Our studio is CLOSED. Classes resume Monday, November 25th

December 22-January 7th- Winter Break- Our studio is CLOSED. Classes resume Monday, January 8th 

March 11-17th - Spring Break- Our studio is CLOSED. Classes resume Monday, March 18th

Monday, May 27th- Memorial Day- Our studio is CLOSED 

Friday, May 31st - Rehearsal for our 11th Annual Showcase @ Braden River High School 

Saturday, June 1st- 12th Annual Showcase (Location: TBD)

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