Tiny Tots (ages 2 & 3)

Class Attire- Light Pink leotard, Pink Skirt (optional), white ballet shoes, black tap shoes

45 min class 

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Tiny Tots is designed for dancers to engage in dance along songs, coordination, and listening skills. Our Tiny Tot classes consist of warm up, across the floor, learning a new dance skill, choreography, a dance game with props, and ends with freeze dance. We encourage all our dancers of this age to dance freely and be able to express themselves and show us their best style of dance. 

Our tiny tot dancers will learn ballet and tap! We like to introduce as early as possible 2 styles of dance. What better way to start dancing by making sounds with your shoes!? All our tiny tot dancers have the opportunity to be in our end of the year showcase. 

Our Tiny Tot classes are $12/weekly 

Twinkle Toes (ages 4-6) 

Class Attire- Light blue leotard, Blue skirt (optional), white ballet slippers, black tap shoes

1 hour class

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Our Twinkle Toes classes are designed as a graduating step from our Tiny Tots class. All dancers in this class will be introduced to 30 mins of ballet/dance & movement, and 30 mins of tap each week. 

Twinkle Toes classes are $16/weekly 

Combo Stars (ages 7+) 

Class Attire- Light Purple **NEW**, black leggings or tan tights and black shorts, black jazz shoes and black tap shoes 

1 hour class 

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Combo Stars is geared to the dancer who wants to learn a "combination" of different styles of dance. In this class we introduce jazz. The dancer will learn jazz and tap. Dancers in this class have the opportunity to perform 2 routines. Each dancer will showcase their jazz routine as well as their tap routine. Keeping the costs down for a recital costume, each dancer's family will only be asked to purchase 1 costume (with 2 separate pieces for each routine).  

Class consists of warm-up, across the floor, stations, technique, and choreography. 

Combo Stars class is $16/weekly 

Kids: Ballet, Tap, Jazz, Lyrical, Hip Hop, Musical Theater, Leaps & Turns & Acro (Ages 7-11)

1 hour class

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Our "KIDS" classes are designed for dancer's who want to learn a hour of that particular style of dance. Each class except for Acro, Leaps & Turns will be asked to perform at our year end Showcase that takes place in June. 

Kids Ballet: fundamentals of ballet. Each dancer will do barre work. across the floor, learn ballet terminology, and choreography. Dancers in this class will have the opportunity to perform in our end of the year Showcase. 


Kids Tap: fundamentals of tap. Each dancer will learn new tap step, traveling tap steps across the floor, tap terms, and choreography. Each dancer in this class will have the opportunity to perform in our end of the year showcase. 

Kids Lyrical: to any dancer who is more "expressive" and loves to dance with every lyric to a song. One of our MORE popular Kids classes. Each class consists of warm-up, across floor, technique (ballet enforced) and choreography. We encourage all dancers in this class to have splits, and/or practice their splits weekly. Each dancer will have the opportunity to perform in our end of the year showcase in June. 

Kids Hip Hop: a fun, energetic, up-beat class that allows dancers to keep up with the latest style of hip hop & trends in an age appropriate setting. All of our kids hip hop dancers have the opportunity to perform in our showcase in June. 

Kids Musical Theater: The most entertaining style! A chance for dancers to perform and be expressive in a fun class setting! Dancers in this class will dance along to musicals, learn musicals, and learn jazz technique. Each dancer will have the opportunity  to perform in our June showcase. 

Kids Jazz: a high intense class geared for dancers who want to learn the basics of dance. A class that infuses turns, flexibility, and leaps in one. All dancers in this class will have the opportunity to perform their routine in our June Showcase. 

Kids Leaps & Turns: NEW for all dancers of this age!!! Every dancer on our Competition Team will need to take this class. At MDC, we feel as though every dancer will need to know the basics to leaps & turns. Each dancer will work at his/her pace and be expected to reach their year end goal in this class. This class DOES NOT perform at Recital. 

Kids Acro: a chance for dancers to learn tumbling, and Acro skills. This class does not perform at our showcase. 

Class Attire for all our KIDS classes: 

  • Kids Jazz- Light Purple & Leggings, black jazz shoes 

  • Kids Ballet- (Please see below

  • Kids Tap- Light Purple & leggings, black tap shoes 

  • Kids Musical Theater- Light Purple, leggings & Black jazz shoes 

  • Kids Lyrical- Light purple tan tights & black shorts, or black leggings, tan pirouettes

  • Kids Hip Hop- Light Purple & leggings, sneakers 

  • Kids Acro- Light purple, leggings & bare foot

  • Kids Leaps & Turns- Light Purple leggings and canvas pirouettes 

Kids classes = $16 weekly

Teen Classes (ages 12+)

1 hour classes

Screen Shot 2021-06-22 at 7.36.25 PM.png

Our Teen classes are based on levels and age.


We offer​ the following teen classes: 

  • Teen Jazz

  • Teen Lyrical 

  • Teen Beg. Ballet 

  • Teen Hip Hop 

  • Teen Acro & Tumbling

  • Leaps & Turns 

  • Teen Tap 

  • Strength & Conditioning 

Class Attire for each class below: ​​

  • Teen Jazz- Black leotard, leggings or tan tights and shorts, black jazz shoes 

  • Teen Lyrical- Black leotard, leggings or tan tights and shorts, tan pirouettes 

  • Teen Beg. Ballet (please see below) 

  • Teen Hip Hop- Black leotard, leggings and sneakers 

  • Teen Acro- Black leotard & leggings, bare foot 

  • Teen Tap- Black leotard & leggings, black tap shoes 

  • Strength & Conditioning- any colored leotard and leggings, bare foot 

All classes meet once a week, and are geared for dancers ages 12+ of age. The more classes a week your teen takes, the more you save. On our UNLIMITED program, your teen is able to take all these classes for $280/month. 


Teen classes are $16/week  

Ballet Program @ Mystical's Dance Co.

1 hr. Ballet 

1 hr. Pointe 

Screen Shot 2021-06-24 at 11.51.15 AM.pn

Our Director and Ballet Director, Yseult Leger, have designed our ballet classes based on level. All of our ballet classes are color coordinated. Our ballet program consists of barre work, across the floor, center, adagio, ballet technique and terminology as well as choreography. Any Competition Team soloist is required to take ballet. 


We offer the following classes:


  • Kids Ballet

  • Int. Adult Ballet 

  • Beg. Adult Ballet 

  • Teen Beg. Ballet

  • Int. Ballet I  

  • Pre-Pointe 

  • Int. Ballet II

  • Pointe I 

  • Int./Adv. Ballet

  • Pointe II

Class Attire for each class below:  

  • Kids ballet- Celestine Blue Leotard, Celestine blue skirt, pink canvas slippers, hair in a bun

  • Teen Beg. Ballet- Tropical Green Leotard, Tropical green skirt, pink canvas slippers, hair in bun

  • Int. Ballet I- Navy Blue Leotard, Navy Blue skirt, pink canvas slippers, hair in bun

  • Int. Ballet II/Pre-Pointe: Dark Purple leotard & skirt, pink tights, pink canvas slippers

  • Int./Adv. Ballet/Pointe II- Maroon leotard & Skirt, pink tights, pink canvas slippers, hair in bun


Please note: Most of our ballet classes meet twice a week.